I know you probably think I’m crazy publishing a post reviewing a Burberry scarf  in July but we all know that Autumn/Winter items go on sale in Summer and vice versa, it’s the way the world works and I noticed it was in the sale this week and have had an influx of messages with questions about the Burberry scarf so I thought I would write this up and answer any Burberry scarf related queries. If you’re wanting a designer bargain, you usually have to buy it out of season and store it away for when you want it. A Burberry scarf is an absolute forever, iconic piece so I thought I’d finally get my written review up for you whilst a few of them are on sale at the moment. 

You can find all the sale Burberry scarves online here and here. 

A note on Burberry sale scarves: I generally only ever see them go on sale during Black Friday and at Bicester village I have never ever seen the traditional check colour on sale.

Rayban sunglasses / Roll neck jumper / My favourite black skinny jeans 

Are Burberry Scarves still in style? – Absolutely, I don’t think the traditional Burberry print and check pattern will ever go out of style, plus, as long as the world is still cold, we’re all going to need a a scarf! I find I get SO much wear out of mine in as soon as the weather turns and I take it on any colder trip with me too.

How long does a Burberry scarf last – I got mine for my 21st birthday and years on it is still in immaculate condition, even after wearing it pretty much every day from September-March! The quality is outstanding.

Why are Burberry scarves so expensive? – Okay so this depends on your opinion but I used to think they were expensive, now I don’t think they are at all, I think they are a really good intro to designer piece. I also think they’re well priced because other designer scarves cost £800. When you look into cost per wear, my scarf was basically free now. I also don’t need another scarf because this is the only one I wear so it’s saved me from buying a new scarf every year. I think that’s why it’s worth getting one on sale if you get the chance as you can save yourself some serious £! £100 off the Vintage Check Burberry scarf! 

Do you wash your Burberry scarf – I personally have never washed it although I probably should get it dry cleaned but I haven’t actually. Oops.

Does your Burberry scarf bobble? – My scarf has never bobbled, it’s made from cashmere and I haven’t had any general wear and tear problems, which you’d expect with the amount of wear I’ve had!

Do Burberry scarves go on sale? – If you go to Bicester village you will notice Burberry scarves in the sale but not my traditional check one, that one doesn’t go into the sale at Bicester but below are the two best iconic versions in the sale right now…

What is a Burberry scarf made of? – According to Burberry, the Classic Cashmere Scarf in check is made at a 200-year-old mill in the Scottish countryside. Using 30 different steps, the scarf is woven on traditional looms. The fabric is washed in local spring water and carefully brushed with teasels for a super-soft finish. Cute right? Traditional, I like it. I got mine from here. 

How to style a Burberry scarf? – Hopefully you got some ideas from seeing the photos of me on this blog post but I like wearing mine with my All Saints leather jacket and a pair of black skinny jeans, over a little white dress or of course, with my Burberry trench coat. The best thing is the gorgeous camel colour of the Burberry scarves goes with literally everything. It just adds to any outfit. You can get some Burberry trench coats in the sale here right now too. 

Are Burberry Scarves worth it?  – Absolutely, I do not think a Burberry scarf in traditional check will ever go out of fashion, they’re comfortable, they’re warm, they’re high quality, mine has lasted me years and I know it will last me for years to come. As I said, cost per wear is pretty much free as I have had so much wear out of it, I think it adds a touch of class to any outfit and particularly looks good with monochrome or neutrals which is what I love in my wardrobe too. It’s well worth getting one whilst they’re on sale. I recommend this one: this is my Burberry scarf.